About ILUM

Neighbourhood landmark and app: experience the space

The idea behind the project is to motivate people to explore the backstreets of a neighbourhood, leave the well-trodden path, the habitual ways. In combination with existing pillars of a pedestrian wayfinding system, the concept for a new kind of neighbourhood app was born.

The wayfinding system, as real objects, are the anchor for our app. They carry a map of the immediate surroundings with a walking distance of 8 minutes. In direct interaction with the map the smartphone provides additional layers of local information.

Whatever content is provided should enrich the experience of the neighbourhood, help people enjoy and discover what’s out there. Not on the other side of the city or on the other side of the world – but where they are now. Content should be local, personal, relevant and spontaneous.

Information point at the crossroads of Mariahilferstrasse andKirchengasse
The Wayfinding system represents the landmark, the lighthouse in ILUM. (Seeing as it is equipped with an LED lighting system, this metaphor is not so far off the mark). They are the visible, tangible elements our app (working title: Mappy) links into.

The project will result in a working prototype based on iterative development with user participation. Scenarios of use define various content options at different levels of interaction, from casual use without registration to becoming a local contributor.

Watch this space for ilum news.

Project setup

We are a team of four partners: three small businesses in Vienna and the Technical University. Together we applied for research funding from the City of Vienna, the Vienna Business Agency. Our project won a prize for being one of the top three submission to this research programme.

ILUM is set to run for two years and will finish in September 2016.

If you would like to know more about ILUM please contact Veronika Egger at is-design (lead partner): veronika@egger.pro